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Treat - The Road More or Less Traveled (videos)

Τρία videos από το live album των Treat "The Road More or Less Traveled"
Artist / Band: Treat
1st Video: "Do Your Own Stunts"
2nd Video: "Ready For the Taking"
3rd Video: "Papertiger"

Album: "The Road More or Less Traveled"
Type: Live Album
Tracks: 14
Release date: April 21st, 2017
Label: Frontiers Music srl
Total Length: 1:10:44
Genres: Rock, Hard Rock
Format: CD

Track listing:
01. Ghost of Graceland (Live) 5:42
02. Better the Devil You Know (Live) 4:49
03. Nonstop Madness (Live) 3:39
04. Ready for the Taking (Live) 5:36
05. Papertiger (Live) 4:49
06. Do Your Own Stunts (Live) 5:27
07. Endangered (Live) 4:15
08. Gimme One More Night (Live) 4:44
09. We Own the Night (Live) 5:33
10. Roar (Live) 4:57
11. Get You on the Run (Live) 5:55
12. Conspiracy (Live) 5:33
13. Skies of Mongolia (Live) 4:13
14. World of Promises (Live) 5:30

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