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Sanctus - Creature From Vercenta (audio)

Sanctus - "Creature From Vercenta" taken from same titled album
Ο San Remo μετά την διάλυση των Marquis de Sade, το 1981, δημιούργησε τους Sanctus. Ούτε εκεί όμως κατάφερε περισσότερα πράγματα (δισκογραφικά) καθώς οι Sanctus έβγαλαν δύο demos κι έκλεισαν τον κύκλο τους το 1983.

Προ διετίας η High Roller Records συγκέντρωσε όλα τα δισκογραφήματα της Βρετανικής μπάντας κι "έβγαλε" (σε CD) την συλλογή "In Nominé Dominus Et Filiús Et Spiritus". Προ μηνός κυκλοφόρησε και σε βινύλιο.

Προσωπικά δεν τους γνώριζα (όπως και οι περισσότεροι φαντάζομαι), όμως η τραγουδάρα "Creature From Vercenta" με "αναγκάζει" να τους ψάξω περισσότερο...

Through the darkness of a lifetime journey
there lies the mystery of the planet Vercenta
were told of a story that changed all history
behind the castles wall began the adventure

Band: Sanctus
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Location: London, England
Status: Split-up
Formed in: 1981
Genre: Progressive Heavy Metal / NWOBHM
Lyrical themes: Death, Battles, Sci-Fi
Years active: 1981-1983

Audio: "Creature From Vercenta"
Album: "In Nominé Dominus Et Filiús Et Spiritus"
Type: Compilation

Release date: October 23rd, 2015
Label: High Roller Records
Format: CD

Release date: March 9th, 2017
Label: High Roller Records
Format: 12" vinyl

Track listing:
1. Creature from Vercenta 07:53
2. A King for a King 07:00
3. Welcome to the Graveyard 07:53
4. Run for Cover 03:08
5. Gates of Sorrow 04:57
6. Temple in the Sky 08:21
7. Running Chief 03:40
8. Haunted Dream 03:02
9. 4 Killer I 02:34

➥ Tracks 1-3 taken from "Thy Disciples" Demo 1982
➥ Tracks 4-6 taken from "Gates of Sorrow" Demo 1983
➥ Tracks 7-9 recorded in 1983
➥ All songs written by San Remo

Band members:
Tony Newton - Bass (tracks 4-9)
Rick Burgess - Drums (tracks 4-9)
Tony Burke - Guitars
San Remo - Guitars, Keyboards, Songwriting, Vocals
Colin Bradley - Bass (tracks 1-3)
Paul Orchard - Drums (tracks 1-3)

Miscellaneous staff:
Patrick W. Engel - Remastering
Melle - Layout
Tueroff - Layout

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