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Darkology - Nobot (audio)

Nobot: η μηχανική φυλή (ανθρωποειδή ρομπότ που αναλάμβαναν αποστολές υψηλού κινδύνου για τον αμερικάνικο στρατό) ξεσηκώνεται κατά των ανθρώπων και προσπαθεί μέσω μοριακών μεταλλάξεων να γίνει πιο ανθρώπινη από μας...

«In the distant future, a series of man made "humanoid" robots were created for the purpose of executing high risk and covert missions for the US military. Several years into the project, it blew up in our face, as our metallic "friends", succumbed to the one emotion we should have not programmed into them: the human EGO, and formed a "silent conspiracy" to overtake their creators. Using the scientific knowledge and "human intuition" we had programmed into them, they confiscated even our molecular and DNA structure and took it into the laboratory to perform mutations far beyond human knowledge in a successful quest to become more human themselves.»

Το τραγούδι των Darkology "Nobot" από το album "Altered Reflections"
Band: Darkology
Country of origin: United States
Location: Dallas, Texas
Formed in: 2004
Genre: Power / Progressive Metal

Audio: "Nobot"
Album: "Altered Reflections"
Type: Full length
Release date: November 2009
Label: Rockaholics Records (CD)
Release date: 2009
Label: Steel Legacy Records (Vinyl)

Band members:
Kelly Sundown Carpenter - Vocals
Michael Harris - Guitars, Keyboards
Mike Neal - Bass
Brian Harris - Drums

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