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Solitude Aeturnus - Alone (full album)

Οι πολυαγαπημένοι μου Solitude Aeturnus "σώπασαν" δισκογραφικά το 2006. Τότε κυκλοφόρησαν το album "Alone". Περάσανε ένδεκα χρόνια από τότε. Η μπάντα πάντως παραμένει ενεργή...

Band: Solitude Aeturnus
Country of origin: United States
Location: Arlington, Texas
Status: Active
Formed in: 1988
Genre: Epic Doom Metal
Lyrical themes: Abstract themes
Years active: 1987-1988 (as Solitude), 1988-present

Ακούστε τον δίσκο των Solitude Aeturnus "Alone"
Album: "Alone"
Type: Full length
Release date: November 10th, 2006
Label: Massacre Records
Format: CD

Track listing:
1. Scent of Death 09:40
2. Waiting for the Light 04:39
3. Blessed Be the Dead 05:01
4. Sightless 04:22
5. Upon Within 07:54
6. Burning 08:40
7. Is There 07:59
8. Tomorrows Dead 06:26
9. Essence of Black 05:35

Band members:
James Martin - Bass
Steve Nichols - Drums
Robert Lowe - Vocals, Keyboards
John Perez - Guitars
Steve Moseley - Guitars

Jason Spradlin - Tamboura (Track 1)

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