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Medusa1975 - Heddin' For Armageddon (official audio)

Το τραγούδι των Medusa1975 "Heddin' For Armageddon" από τον δίσκο "Rising From The Ashes"
Οι Medusa1975 είναι -κατά κάποιο τρόπο- η φυσική συνέχεια του 70ies συγκροτήματος Medusa (το οποίο δημιουργήθηκε το 1973). Ποια η σχέση τους; Την εξηγεί ο manager της μπάντας: «I do have to get in touch with Svart because it is not the original Medusa but Donna on keyboards and Gary on guitar from Medusa and Randy Bobzien on guitar and vocals, Dean McCall on drums and Phoenix Johnson on bass and vocals which makes Medusa1975.»

Όσο για το μουσικό τους ύφος; Ας μιλήσουν οι ίδιοι: «Medusa is an Old School metal band from the early 70's whose influences range from Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Amon Dull II.»

Biography: «Medusa was born in Chicago Il. in July of 1973. All 5 of us brought amazing musical influences to the table. From European prog rock to heavy rock bands like Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple etc. And as soon as we got together we new this was the band. We started writing immediately, and as we let those influences out the sound that we created was down right scary because we embodied the bands we listened to bringing a different sound to Chicago, quite different from the horn bands that dominated the Chicago music scene.»

Στα τέλη Μαρτίου κυκλοφορούν τον καινούριο τους δίσκο, τρία χρόνια μετά το album "First Step Beyond". Τιτλοφορείται "Rising From The Ashes" και η ακρόαση του τραγουδιού "Heddin' For Armageddon" προετοιμάζει το έδαφος...

Band: Medusa1975
Country of origin: Unites States
Location: Chicago, Broomfield
Formed in: 1973
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Proto-Metal, Occult Rock

Audio: "Heddin' For Armageddon"
Album: "Rising From The Ashes"
Type: Full length
Release date: March 24th, 2017
Label: Svart Records
Format: CD

Band members:
Donna Fields Brown - Keyboards and Vocals
Gary Brown - Lead Guitar
Dean McCall - Drums
Randy Bobzien - Lead Vocals and Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Phoenixx Johnson - Bass Guitar

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