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Sellsword - .​.​.​and Now We Ride (full album)

Sellsword: Βρετανικό ατσάλι. Η μπάντα δημιουργήθηκε προ τριετίας, αρέσκεται στο epic power metal και -προ ημερών- κυκλοφόρησε το ντεμπούτο της. Ας την αφήσουμε να (αυτο)παρουσιασθεί: «Founded in the summer of 2013, this band of Bardbarians set out to conquer the world with their own take on Heavy/Power metal they like to call Mercenary Metal. Having played gigs around the world, from Bridlington all the way to Manchester, they are currently working on their debut album.»

Ακούστε το ντεμπούτο των Sellsword ".​.​.​and Now We Ride"
Band: Sellsword
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Location: York, England
Formed in: 2013
Genre: Epic Heavy Metal

Album: ".​.​.​and Now We Ride"
Type: Full length
Release date: December 1st, 2016
Label: Independent
Format: CD, Digital

Track listing:
01. ...and Now We Ride 01:13
02. The Warrior 05:35
03. Battleground 06:41
04. Crossing the Blades 06:48
05. Rise and Take Command 03:38
06. Against the Wind 05:25
07. Sellsword 05:44
08. Ashen Hand 07:32
09. Merchants of Menace 05:43
10. The Siege 06:07
11. Starlight 03:10
12. Hardrada 07:02
13. Meet Your Maker 10:30

Band members:
Tom Keeley - Bass
Alex Brandsen - Drums
Jacek J. Mazur - Guitars
Henry Mahy - Guitars
Stuart Perry - Vocals

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