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Ronnie James Dio tribute - A Light In The Black (full album)

Ακούστε το tribute album στον Ronnie James Dio "A Light In The Black"
Something's called me back
There's a light in the black
Am I ready to go?
I'm coming home...

Artist: Ronnie James Dio
Real/full name: Ronald James Padavona
Born: July 10th, 1942
R.I.P.: May 16th, 2010
Died of: Stomach cancer
Place of origin: United States (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)

Artist / Band: Various Artists
Album: "A Light In The Black (A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio)"
Type: Tribute
Release date: July 2015
Label: Massacre Records
Format: CD

Track listing

Disc 1
Disc 2
01. Crystal Ball - Sacred Heart
01. Iron Fate - Light In The Black
02. MessengeR - Kill The King
02. MessengeR - Don't Talk To Strangers
03. Gun Barrel - Evil Eyes
03. Crystal Ball - The Sign Of The Southern Cross
04. Gloryful - Heavy Metal Will Never Die
04. Love.Might.Kill - Hungry For Heaven
05. The Order - I Could Have Been A Dreamer
05. The Order - The Last In Line
06. Metal Inquisitor - King Of Rock 'N' Roll
06. Gun Barrel - Voodoo
07. Circle Of Silence - One Night In The City
07. Circle Of Silence - Time Machine
08. Burden Of Grief - Neon Nights
08. Rebellion - Kill The King
09. Love.Might.Kill - Stand Up And Shout
09. Gloryful - Holy Diver
10. Rebellion - I
10. Wizard - Caught In The Act

2 σχόλια:

  1. Διπλό cd και παίζουν οι ίδιες μπάντες και στα δύο. Ποιος ο λόγος; Ή βάλε περισσότερα συγκροτήματα ή φτιάξε μονό cd.

    1. Έχει βάση το ερώτημά σου, αλλά δηλώνω αναρμόδιος για να απαντήσω...