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FirstBourne - Riot (audio)

Το τραγούδι των FirstBourne "Riot" από τον ομότιτλο δίσκο
Band: Firstbourne
Country of origin: USA
Location: Boston
Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Audio: "Riot"
Album: "Riot"
Type: Full length
Release date: September 20th, 2016
Mix/master: David Oliveira
Producer/music Director: Jim Oliveira

Track listing:
01. Home
02. Control
03. Symphony of Subconscious
04. When Morning Breaks
05. Riot
06. Pick up the Torch
07. Firstborne Heart
08. Pretend

Band members:
Adrienne Cowan - Lead Vocals
Mike Kerr - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Jimmy Oliveira - Rhythm Guitar
Ven Thangaraj - Bass
Adrienne Cowan and Jim Oliveira - Backing Vocals
David Oliveira - Drums

FirstBourne is a five piece arena rock/power metal band from Boston, MA. Specializing in captivating hooks and masterful musicianship, guitarist Mike Kerr, vocalist Adrienne Cowan, and bassist Ven Thangaraj teamed up with Sony Brazil’s producer and guitarist Jimmy Olivera to create their debut full length, "Riot". Drummer Chris Dovas joined shortly after, adding to the ranks of Berklee-trained and award-winning musicians.

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