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Caligula's Horse - Rust (drum playthrough)

Band: Caligula's Horse
Country of origin: Australia
Location: Gold Coast / Brisbane, Queensland
Formed in: 2010
Genre: Progressive Metal / Rock

Βίντεο με τον drummer Geoff Irish να "εκτελεί" το τραγούδι "Rust"
Video: "Rust" (drum playthrough)
Filmed and edited by: Adrian Goleby
Recorded by: Sam Vallen and Guy Cooper
Mixed by: Sam Vallen

Album: "Bloom"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 2015
Label: Inside Out Music
Format: CD, Vinyl + CD

Track listing:
1. Bloom
2. Marigold
3. Firelight
4. Dragonfly
5. Rust
6. Turntail
7. Daughter Of The Mountain
8. Undergrowth

Band members:
Jim Grey - Vocals
Dave Couper - Bass, Vocals
Geoff Irish - Drums
Zac Greensill - Guitars
Sam Vallen - Guitars (lead)

Holly Terrens - Flute, Piano

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