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The ultimate Iron Maiden medley - 155 songs

Βίντεο του Murilo Martins με 155 riff από ισάριθμα τραγούδια των Iron Maiden
Ο Murilo Martins είναι: α) κιθαρίστας και β) "τρελαμένος" με τους Iron Maiden. Συνδυάζοντας αυτά τα δύο οδηγήθηκε στην δημιουργία του κάτωθι βίντεο όπου παίζει 155(!) riff από όλους τους δίσκους του βρετανικού συγκροτήματος...

Murilo Martins: «After several months of planning, building, rehearsing, giving up and getting back in, here it is: the ultimate Iron Maiden medley with riffs from all songs from their 16 studio albums in a single take - 155 songs total! It couldn't have been done if I hadn't shared an unique passion for this band which had been following me around since I was a little infant and could only sing the 'ooo' from The Trooper back in the early 90s.

Since then, I did my best to become the best fan I could personally know, by acquiring a lot of original material, learning how to play the guitar by myself (pretty much exclusively to form my own Maiden cover band), attending to every tour they would play in Brazil, getting a tattoo on their behalf, and I would not be able to live with myself if I hadn't went through with this idea that had been revolving my mind for a long time. Hope you all enjoy it and share it with your friends around the world! Thank you and Up the Irons!»

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