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Iron Maiden - Flight Of Icarus (video)

As the sun breaks above the ground
An old man stands on the hill
As the ground warms to the first rays of light
A bird song shatters the still
His eyes are ablaze, see the madman in his gaze

Iron Maiden - Flight Of Icarus (video)
Fly, on your way, like an eagle,
Fly as high as the sun
On your way, like an eagle,
Fly and touch the sun

Band: Iron Maiden
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Location: London, England
Status: Active
Formed in: 1975
Genre: Heavy Metal, NWOBHM

Video: "Flight of Icarus"
Album: "Flight of Icarus"
Type: Single
Release date: April 11th, 1983
Label: EMI
Format: 7" vinyl (45 RPM)

Track listing - Side A:
1. Flight of Icarus 03:51

Track listing - Side B:
2. I've Got the Fire (Montrose cover) 02:40

Band members:
Bruce Dickinson - Vocals
Dave Murray - Guitars
Adrian Smith - Guitars
Steve Harris - Bass
Nicko McBrain - Drums

Miscellaneous staff:
Simon Fowler - Photography
Derek Riggs - Cover Art
Martin Birch - Producer, Mixing, Engineering
Frank Gibson - Engineering
Bruce Buchhalter - Engineering (mixing)

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