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Wolfmother - The Love That You Give

Band: Wolfmother
Audio: "The Love That You Give"
Album: "Victorious"
Type: Full length
Release date: February 2016
Recorded: Henson Recording Studios (Hollywood, California)
Length: 35:20
Label: Universal
Producer: Brendan O'Brien

Wolfmother - The Love That You Give (audio)
Track listing:
01. The Love That You Give 2:38
02. Victorious 4:24
03. Baroness 3:15
04. Pretty Peggy 3:49
05. City Lights 3:51
06. The Simple Life 3:12
07. Best of a Bad Situation 3:07
08. Gypsy Caravan 3:34
09. Happy Face 3:31
10. Eye of the Beholder 3:59

All songs written and composed by Andrew Stockdale.

Band members:
Andrew Stockdale - vocals, guitar, bass
Ian Peres - keyboards
Josh Freese - drums
Joey Waronker - drums
Brendan O'Brien - production, engineering, mixing, percussion

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