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Split Heaven - Speed Of The Hawk

Band: Split Heaven
Country of origin: Mexico
Location: Querétaro
Formed in: 2003
Genre: Heavy / Speed Metal
Lyrical themes: Violence, Madness

Video: "Speed Of The Hawk"
Directed & Edited by: Manuel H. Stumpfhauser
Album: "Death Rider"
Type: Full length
Release date: March 25th, 2016
Label: Pure Steel Records
Format: CD

Split Heaven - Speed Of The Hawk
Track listing:
01. Death Rider 04:10
02. Awaken the Tyrant 04:31
03. Battle Axe 04:33
04. To the Fallen 05:37
05. Speed of the Hawk 04:08
06. Ghost of Desire 04:33
07. Sacrifice 04:26
08. Talking with the Devil 05:41
09. Descarga Letal 06:12
10. Destructor 04:59

Band members:
Tomás Roitman - Drums
Armand "Hank" Ramos - Guitars
Carlo "Taii" Hernández - Bass, Guitars
Jason Conde Houston - Vocals

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