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Sarasin - In Our Image (audio)

Sarasin - In Our Image (audio)
Band: Sarasin
Country of origin: Canada
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal / Hard Rock

Audio: "In Our Image"
Album: "Sarasin"
Type: Full length
Release date: February 26th, 2016
Label: Pure Steel Records

Track listing:
1. The Hammer 04:04
2. Enemy Within 04:44
3. In Our Image 03:27
4. Now 04:47
5. Soul in Vain 04:35
6. Sinkhole 05:04
7. Live to See the Glory 03:58
8. Forevermore 04:05
9. Wake Up 05:01

Band members:
Roger Banks - Drums
Mike Wilson - Vocals
Greg Boileau - Guitars
Les Wheeler - Bass
Jim Leach - Guitars

The Canadian band Sarasin was originally formed in the 80's when their first EP "Lay down your guns" was released. Only guitarist Greg Boileau remains from the bands original line-up. Long time bass player and other founding member Rob Grant died after a battle with cancer in 2012, the new Sarasin album is dedicated to him. The band convinces with heavy riffs and deep feelings.

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