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Death Angel - Father of Lies (audio)

Ενεργοί δισκογραφικά μέσα στο 2016 και οι Death Angel. Οι βετεράνοι Αμερικανοί thrashers κυκλοφορούν στα τέλη Μαΐου τον όγδοο "ολοκληρωμένο" δίσκο τους. Τιτλοφορείται "The Evil Divide"...

Band: Death Angel
Country of origin: United States
Location: San Francisco, California
Formed in: 1982
Genre: Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes: Violence, Rebellion, Insanity, Supernatural Evil
Years active: 1982-1991, 1991-1995 (as The Organization), 2001-present

Κυκλοφορεί σε λίγες ημέρες ο νέος δίσκος των Death Angel
Audio: "Father of Lies"
Album: "The Evil Divide"
Type: Full length
Release date: May 27th, 2016
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Format: CD + DVD, Digital

Track listing - Disc 1 (CD):
01. The Moth 04:38
02. Cause for Alarm 03:22
03. Lost 04:57
04. Father of Lies 05:05
05. Hell to Pay 03:12
06. It Can't Be This 04:16
07. Hatred United, United Hate 05:17
08. Breakaway 04:01
09. The Electric Cell 04:38
10. Let the Pieces Fall 05:47
11. Wasteland 05:18

Track listing - Disc 2 (DVD):
1. "Making Of" 52:09

Band members:
Rob Cavestany - Guitars
Mark Osegueda - Vocals
Ted Aguilar - Guitars
Damien Sisson - Bass
Will Carroll - Drums

Miscellaneous staff:
Jason Suecof - Producer

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