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Rage - The Devil Strikes Again (studio trailer)

Band: Rage
Country of origin: Germany
Location: Herne, North Rhine Westphalia
Formed in: 1986
Genre: Heavy / Speed / Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Human issues, Archaeology, Poetry, Politics
Years active: 1983-1986 (as Avenger), 1986-present

Video: Studio trailer
Album: "The Devil Strikes Again"
Type: Full length
Release date: June 10th, 2016
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Format: CD, 2 12" vinyls

Track listing:
01. The Devil Strikes Again 04:25
02. My Way 04:23
03. War 04:24
04. The Final Curtain 04:13
05. Ocean Full of Tears 04:04
06. Deaf, Dumb and Blind 04:18
07. Spirits of the Night 04:52
08. Times of Darkness 05:21
09. The Dark Side of the Sun 05:56
10. Back on Track 04:23

Band members:
Peter "Peavy" Wagner - Vocals, Bass
Vassilios "Lucky" Maniatopoulos - Drums, Vocals (additional)
Marcos Rodríguez - Guitars, Vocals (additional)

Miscellaneous staff:
Peter "Peavy" Wagner - Producer
Marcos Rodríguez - Producer
Dan Swanö - Mastering, Mixing
Karim König - Cover art

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