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Project Aegis - Angel In The Ashes

Το δράμα των προσφύγων στην χώρα μας (και η έκταση που πήρε το θέμα σε παγκόσμια κλίμακα) ευαισθητοποίησε μία "παρέα" από καλλιτέχνες. Το αποτέλεσμα; Το "Angel In The Ashes", τα έσοδα του οποίου θα δοθούν (σε ποσοστό 100%) για τους πρόσφυγες και τους άστεγους στην Ελλάδα...

Ulterium Records is proud to announce the release of "Angel In the Ashes," an all-star charity track for sale with 100% of the income going to feed homeless and refugee families in Greece. The song is being released under the banner Project Aegis, and was composed by Theocracy songwriter and vocalist Matt Smith.

"Angel In the Ashes" features vocals by Rob Rock (Solo, Impellitteri), Daísa Munhoz (Vandroya, Soulspell), Vasilis Georgiou (Sunburst, Black Fate), Leah McHenry (LEAH) and Smith, as well as a guitar solo by Gus Drax (Sunburst, Black Fate). The artwork was created by Markus Sigfridsson (Darkwater, Harmony).

Band: Project Aegis
Audio: "Angel In The Ashes"
Album: "Angel In The Ashes"
Type: Single
Release Date: April 20, 2016
Label: Ulterium Records
Duration: 5:13 minutes

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