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Cauldron - Burning At Both Ends

Band: Cauldron
Video: "Burning At Both Ends"
Edited by: Pat Hughes

Live performance footage shot at The Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles on February 3, 2016 by: David S. Barron amFILMS HD, inc.

Album: "In Ruin"
Type: Full length
Release date: January 2016
Label: High Roller Records
Label: The End Records (North / South America)
Format: CD, 12" vinyl

Track listing:
01. No Return / In Ruin
02. Empress
03. Burning at Both Ends
04. Hold Your Fire
05. Come Not Here
06. Santa Mira
07. Corridors of Dust
08. Delusive Serenade
09. Outrance

Band members:
Ian Chains - Guitars
Jason Decay - Vocals, Bass
Myles Deck - Drums

Miscellaneous staff:
Squid Hrüshka - Cover art

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