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Captain Black Beard - Divided Feelings

"Divided Feelings" is the first video from Captain Black Beard's third album "It's A Mouthful" (produced by Chips Kiesbye) released via Perris Records in March 2016. The video was made by 11 Frames Productions. Script by Rob Coffin.

Band: Captain Black Beard
Video: "Divided Feelings"
Made by: 11 Frames Productions
Script by: Rob Coffin

Album: "It's A Mouthful"
Type: Full length
Release date: March 18th, 2016
Format: CD, Digital, Vinyl
Label: Perris Records

Track listing:
01. Divided Feelings
02. Take Me To The City
03. She's The One
04. Tearin' Me Apart
05. Far Gone
06. All I Need
07. Mouthful Of Love
08. When It's Love
09. Something She Said
10. Coast To Coast
11. South Beach
12. Falling

Recorded at: Music A Matic studios in February 2015
Produced by: Chips Kiesbye
Mixed by: Henryk Lipp
All songs written by: C.Ek / R.Majd / S.Björklund

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