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Braindamage - Last Of The Kings, First Of The Slaves

Band: Braindamage
Country of origin: Italy
Genre: Post-Thrash Metal

Lyric video: "Last Of The Kings, First Of The Slaves"
Video editing by: Francesco Palumbo

Album: "The Downfall"
Type: Full length
Release date: April 18th, 2016
Label: My Kingdom Music
Format: CD

01. Substituting Forgiveness With Mass Destruction
02. god Granted Your Prayers Through Nuclear Warheads
03. She Can Smell The Blood Of A Surrendering Race
04. I Owe You A Billion Years Of Terror
05. Subhuman's Towns Merciless Obliteration
06. Queen Acadienne's Floating Mirrors And Tarots
07. Last Of The Kings, First Of The Slaves
08. The Shadow That I Cast Is Yours, Not Mine
09. You Nailed My Soul I Burned Your Flesh
10. The Downfall Is Here To Stay, I Shall Fight Until The End

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