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Wizz Wizzard - Crucified

Band: Wizz Wizzard
Video: "Crucified"
Directed & edited by: Geert Fieuw
Album: "Where The River Runs Cold"
Type: Full length
Release date: 14th March 2016
Label: Rocksector Records

01. Crucified
02. On the Edge Of Desire
03. Heaven
04. The Wolf
05. Live Or Die
06. World Of Shadows
07. Rock Lives On
08. Break Away
09. Road To Valhalla
10. Return Of The Vampires
11. Wonders Of The World

Features guest guitars by Luke Appleton (Iced Earth / Absolva / Fury UK) & guest backing vocals by Chris Appleton (Blaze Bayley / Absolva / Fury UK).

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