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The Treatment - The Devil

Band: The Treatment
Audio: "The Devil"
Album: "Generation Me"
Type: Full length
Release date: 18th March 2016
Label: Frontiers Music srl

Track listing:
01. Let It Begin
02. The Devil
03. Tell Us The Truth
04. Generation Me
05. Backseat Heartbeat
06. Cry Tough
07. We Are Beautiful
08. I Know She Knows
09. Bloodsucker
10. Better Think Again
11. Light The Sun

Band members:
Mitchel Emms - vocals
Tagore Grey - guitar
Tao Grey - guitar
Dhani Mansworth - drums
Rick 'Swoggle' Newman - bass

Produced by: Laurie Mansworth
Mixed by: Tony Newton
Mastered by: Ade Emsley

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