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Rygel - Arisen (video)

Band: Rygel
Country of origin: Brazil
Location: Santos, São Paulo
Formed in: 2004

Video: "Arisen"
Album: "Revolution"
Type: Full length
Release date: July 2015
Label: Power Prog

01. Save Me
02. Worst In Me
03. The Story Begins
04. Before The Dawn
05. Mutual Leeching
06. Meaning Of Life
07. Arisen08. Repentance
09. Burning Remains
10. Damage Done
11. This Man

All songs written and arranged by RYGELRecorded
Mixed and mastered by Thiago Hóspede at Lamparina Studios
Vocal production by Nando Fernandes
Cover artwork created by Vinnie Savastanno

Band members:
Wanderson Barreto (Guitar/vocal)
Ricardo Reis (Bass)
Vinnie Savastanno (Guitar)
Pedro Colangelo (Drums)

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