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Bonfire - Strike Back

Band: Bonfire
Video: "Strike Back"
Album: "Pearls"
Type: Compilation
Release date: March 18th, 2016
Label: UDRmusic

David Reece - Vocals
Hans Ziller - Guitars
Frank Pané - Guitars
Ronnie Parkes - Bass
Tim Breideband - Drums


CD 1 "Rock Pearls"
01. Strike Back
02. Under Blue Skies
03. Diamonds in the rough
04. Proud Of My Country
05. Sweet home Alabama
06. Don’t Go Changing Me
07. Sweet Obsession
08. American Nights
09. Good Time Rock ‘n’ Roll
10. Heat In The Glow
11. Can´t stop Rockin
12. Down To Atlanta
13. Loaded Gun

CD 2 "Classic Pearls"
01. You Make Me Feel
02. Give It A Try
03. Who’s Foolin’ Who
04. I Need You
05. Good Night Amanda
06. Southern Winds
07. If It Wasn’t For You
08. Why is it never enough
09. Let´s fly away

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