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Black Oath - Drakon, Its Shadow Upon Us

Band: Black Oath
Country of origin: Italy
Location: Milan, Lombardy
Formed in: 2006
Genre: Doom Metal
Lyrical themes: Darkness, Death, Esotericism, Occultism, Superstitions, Witchcraft

Audio: "Drakon, Its Shadow Upon Us"
Album: "Ov Qliphoth and Darkness"
Type: Full length
Release date: June 2013
Label: I Hate, Horror Records
Format: CD, 2 12" vinyls, Cassette

Band members:
Paul V. - Bass
A.th - Vocals, Guitars
Chris Z. - Drums, Guitars (clean)

Jonas P. - Guitars (lead) (on track "Drakon, Its Shadow Upon Us")
Gabriele S. - Violin
Azter - Co-writer of track "Drakon, Its Shadow Upon Us" intro
Jan - Organ

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