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Almanac - Self Blinded Eyes

Band: Almanac
Video: "Self Blinded Eyes"
Album: "Tsar"
Type: Full length
Release date: March 18th, 2015
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Track listing:
01. Tsar
02. Self Blinded Eyes
03. Darkness
04. Hands Are Tied
05. Children Of The Future
06. No More Shadows
07. Nevermore
08. Reign Of Madness
09. Flames Of Fate

After 15 years and 10 CD’s as guitarist, producer and composer for the German Heavy Metal institution Rage and with hits penned by him like "Down", "Soundchaser", "War of Worlds", "Straight to Hell" (well-known from the German blockbuster movie "Manitou’s Shoe"), "Carved in Stone", "Forever Dead", "Empty Hollow" and "Cleansed by Fire", Victor Smolski now continues his musical career with his new group Almanac. New members are Armin Alic on bass and Michael Kolar on drums. The two singers David Readman (Pink Cream 69) and Andy B. Franck (Brainstorm) complete the line-up.

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