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Rhapsody - Holy Thunderforce

Band: Rhapsody
Video: "Holy Thunderforce"
Album: "Dawn of Victory"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 2000
Label: Limb Music GmbH
Format: CD

Band members:
Fabio Lione - Vocals
Luca Turilli - Guitars
Alessandro Lotta - Bass
Alex Staropoli - Keyboards

Maggie Ardorf - Violin
Laurence Vanryne - Childish voice on "Trolls in the Dark"
Thunderforce - Drums
Constanze Backes - Female Baroque Voice
Robert Hunecke Rizzo - Epic Choirs
Thomas Rettke - Epic Choirs
Michael Rodenberg - Epic Choirs
Cinzia Hunecke Rizzo - Epic Choirs
Florinda Klevisser - Epic Choirs
Andreas Lamken - Conductor of Helmstedt Kammerchoir (Church Choirs)
Manuel Staropoli - Baroque recorders

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