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Mind Assassin - Betrayer

Band: Mind Assassin
Audio: "Betrayer"
Album: "The Pay Off"
Type: EP
Release date: November 2015
Label: Alone Records

↠ CD 500 copies
↠ DOUBLE Gatefold 7" Inch Black Vinyls 200 copies
↠ DOUBLE Gatefold 7" Inch Blue & Red Vinyls 150 copies

Band members:
Glen Reed - Bass
Joe Hasselvander - Drums
Ken "DZ" Randist - Guitars
Bob Mitchell - Vocals

Βιογραφικό: «In 2008, rock vocalist Bob Mitchell and Guitarist "DZ" forged an alliance and wrote some great music together; however the time was not right for the band to move forward. Bob had founded the band soon after his departure from his former band Attacker.

After Bob's departure from his previous band he felt as though the band was formed on the rebound and decided to take some time away from the music business only to return in 2011 when work resumed once again. Based on that, Bob and DZ felt it was time to finish what was started years ago and that is for MIND ASSASSIN to deliver its brand of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music that it believes in.

In 2013, the line-up was completed with the addition of bassist Glen Reed (Intrinsic Grey) and drummer Joe Hasselvander (Raven/Pentagram). There is now a new beginning with new roads to travel. MIND ASSASSIN's music, at this time, can best be described as being in the tradition of American Hard Rock and European Heavy Metal following in the foot-steps of Savatage, Pentagram, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple and Atomic Rooster.

The band has recently finished work on its debut EP “The Payoff” and is looking forward to its release in September 2015. As work began for MIND ASSASSIN on their first full-length album, Guitarist Ken "DZ" Randisi passed away at a friends home on December 13th, 2014.

After a brief sabbatical, Bob Mitchell and Glen Reed decided to forge ahead and sustain the musical legacy of their fallen brother, with Reed now in the position of lead guitarist. In April 2015, the band announced that Erie, Pa veteran musician Glenn Sprauge has been announced as their new bass player! As it stands now, the fate of Mind Assassin is in the hands of Metal fans around the world the Metal God's! The story continues...»

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