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Chastain - Evil Awaits Us

Artist / Band: Chastain
Video: "Evil Awaits Us"
Album: "We Bleed Metal"
Type: Full length
Release date: November 2015
Label: Leviathan
Format: CD

Track listing:
1. We Bleed Metal 04:13
2. All Hail The King 04:05
3. Against All The Gods 05:48
4. Search Time For You 05:22
5. Don't Trust Tomorrow 05:10
6. I Am A Warrior 06:16
7. Evolution Of Terror 04:05
8. Last Ones Alive 04:56
9. Secrets 05:58

Band members:
Stian Kristoffersen - Drums
Mike Skimmerhorn - Bass
David T. Chastain - Guitars
Leather Leone - Vocals

Guitars, bass & vocals recorded at Leviathan Studios, Atlanta, GA
The vocals for the track "We Bleed Metal" were recorded by Michael Pelletier
Drums recorded at Pagan Hill Studio, Skien, Norway
Mixed, mastered and produced by David T. Chastain
Audio consultant David Shew, Davenhill Studios

All selections written by David T. Chastain except "Secrets" which is written by David T. Chastain & Leather Leone. Also being released in Europe through Pure Steel Records, same release date as the U.S.

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