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Skid Row - Roadkill (full DVD)

Skid Row: Road Kill (Remastered Edition) (C) 1993 Atlantic Records, 2005 Warner Music Group. Official Video Remastered, Widescreen, 5.1. Road Kill is a VHS video of live performances by Skid Row. It was released on October 16, 1993.

The video collects promo clips, backstage footage, amateur videos from friends and fans, and concert highlights from shows in Japan, Brazil, Ireland, Iceland, and the United States.

Road Kill also includes video clips from "Psycho Love" in 3-D and the cover songs "Psycho Therapy" and "C'mon And Love Me" which featured on the bands most recent release B-Side Ourselves.

Running time is 120 minutes. As this DVD sparked many fans, it managed to sell nearly 3 million copies around the world. DVD Release Date: December 12, 2005.

Track listing:
01. Psycho Love (In 3-D)
02. Stagemadness
03. Slave To The Grind
04. Skidzairport
05. Monkey Business
06. Hangliding
07. Here I Am
08. Baz In Hallway
09. Australia Riot
10. Big Guns
11. Another Day
12. Skidinterview
13. 18 & Life
14. Skidzinrio
15. Psycho Therapy
16. Baz Rap
17. Piece of Me
18. Fanzine Letter
19. Drum Solo
20. Amsterdoom
21. Get The Fuck Out
22. Iceland Bop
23. Roadgrub
24. C'mon and Love Me
25. Donington
26. Tornado / Mudkicker
27. Racecars
28. Skids & Guest - Delivering The Goods
29. Skidzankiss - Cold Gin
30. Drunkenbus
31. Hawaii - Youth Gone Wild
32. Credits

Artwork by: Tobey C. Anderson
Front: "It's Always Ruff"
Back: "Shades Of My Former Self"
Directors: Jean Pellerin, Wayne Isham
Director of Photography: Mark Weiss
Additional Photograph: Sebastian Bach & Rachel Bolan
Director/Psyhco Love: Wayne Isham
3D Video Consultant: Gerald Marks Pull Time 3D
Executive Producer: Curt Marvis

Gig footage from the USA, Europe, Taiwan, Hawaii, Brazil, Japan, Iceland, Argentina, Guam and the Wayoutisphere.

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