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Serpent - Doom On You

Band: Serpent
Audio: "Doom On You"
Album: "Nekromant"
Type: Full length
Label: Transubstans Records
Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl

Το δελτίο τύπου της εταιρείας: «SERPENT has slithered out of the dark to deliver the heaviest album of 2015 - NEKROMANT. This powerful three-piece from Sweden continues to impress with this gritty, honest and blues-laced beast of a record, that contains nine tracks of pure metal groove. Songs like "Hounds of Hell" and "Leaving the World" deliver monstrously heavy riffing, while "Doom on You" or "This is my Time" offers groove and swing, all accompanied by searing vocals delivering darkened lyrical content. This record is clearly not about pleasing the retro hipsters, nor is it about fixing something that isn't broken. SERPENT wears their inspirations on their sleeves and marches into 2016 with a solid performance."Nekromant" will be available on CD / Vinyl / Download.»

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