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Manowar - The Heart of Steel MMXIV

Build a fire a thousand miles away
To light my long way home
I ride a comet, my trail is long to stay
Silence is a heavy stone
I fight the world and take all they can give
There are times my heart hangs low
Born to walk against the wind
Born to hear my name
No matter where I stand I'm alone

Band: Manowar
Video: "The Heart of Steel MMXIV"
Album: "Kings of Metal MMXIV"
Type: Full length
Release date: February 2014
Label: Magic Circle Music
Format: 2CD, Digital

Band members:
Joey DeMaio - Bass, Keyboards
Eric Adams - Vocals
Donnie Hamzik - Drums
Karl Logan - Guitars, Keyboards

"Kings of Metal MMXIV" is a re-recording of Manowar's 1988 album, Kings of Metal. Lyrics are slightly changed as well as song titles.

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