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Spock's Beard - Tides Of Time

Band: Spock's Beard
Lyric Video: "Tides Of Time"
Album: "The Oblivion Particle"
Released: August 2015
Recorded: 2015
Genre: Progressive rock
Label: Inside Out Music
Producer: Rich Mouser, Alan Morse and John Boegehold

Track listing:
1. Tides of Time 7:45
2. Minion 6:53
3. Hell's Not Enough 6:23
4. Bennett Built a Time Machine 6:52
5. Get Out While You Can 4:55
6. A Better Way to Fly 8:57
7. The Center Line 7:05
8. To Be Free Again 10:24
9. Disappear 6:36

Spock's Beard:
Ted Leonard - lead vocals, guitars
Alan Morse - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar, mandolin, autoharp, backing vocals
Ryo Okumoto - organ, mellotron, piano, synths, clavinet, vocoder
Dave Meros - bass, backing vocals
Jimmy Keegan - drums/percussion, timpani, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Bennett Built a Time Machine"

Additional personnel:
David Ragsdale - violin on "Disappear"

Produced by Rich Mouser, Alan Morse and John Boegehold
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Rich Mouser at The Mouse House, Altadena, CA

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