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Leonidas - Into The Abyss Of Time

Artist / Band: Leonidas
Video: "Into The Abyss Of Time"
Album: "Into The Abyss Of Time"
Type: EP
Released: July 2013

Track listing:
1. The Code Of Erich(feat.Gus Drax) 05:15
2. Into The Abyss Of Time 04:14
3. The Silver Key(feat.John Memos) 04:40
4. The Lurker In The Dark 04:26

All music, keyboards and orchestration by: Leonidas Diamadopoulos
Guest guitar solo by: George Constantine Kratsas
Bass guitar by: Sotiris Christodoulou
Video clip by: Bob Katsionis & PVG © 2013

The second track from Leonidas (Neperia, Manhattan Project) EP "Into The Abyss Of Time"...

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