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Ion Vein - Alone (album track)

Band: Ion Vein
Country of origin: United States
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Status: Active
Formed in: 1994
Genre: Progressive/Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Fantasy
Current label: Mortal Music

Audio video: "Alone"
Album: "Ion Vein"
Type: Full length
Release date: July 2014
Label: Mortal Music and MVD Audio
Produced, Engineered, Mixed by: Neil Kernon
Music: Lotesto / White/Gordon
Lyrics: White / Featherstone

"ION VEIN" track listing:
01. Fools Parade
02. Seamless (A transition of the mind)
03. Enough
04. This is Me
05. Face the Truth
06. Love/Hate
07. Anger Inside
08. Take Me From this Dream
09. Alone
10. The Will of One
11. In the End
12. Twist of Fate

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