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Horisont - Writing on the Wall

Band: Horisont
Video: "Writing on the Wall"
Video produced by: Magnus Jäverling
Directed by: Magnus Delborg, Christian Hillén, Eyal Shachar
Cast: Daniella Nielsen, Johanna Göransson, Axel Söderberg, Viva Tallberg, Cathrine Hagman, Marcus Eriksson

Album: "Time Warriors"
Type: Full length
Release date: September 2013
Formats: CD / LP / Digital
Label: Rise Above Records

01. Writing on the Wall
02. Diamonds In Orbit
03. Ain’t No Turning Back
04. Backstreet
05. Vänd Tillbaka
06. She Cried Wolf
07. Brother
08. Dödsdans
09. Eyes Of The Father
10. All Must Come refinedwatch To An End, Part I & II

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