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Cage - Across the Sea of Madness

Band: Cage
Video: "Across the Sea of Madness"
Directed by: Rich Varville

Cast: Mike Burnell (Alistair), Jeff Zook (Azim), Justin Hendrick (Deckhand), Daniel Rockholt (Captain), Larry Poole (First Mate), Tyler Heimendinger (Pirate)

Written by: Sean Peck
Screenplay by: Rich Varville
Production Manager: James Raub
Assistant Director: Taylor Struthers
Visual Effects by: Ty Mabrey
Additional Visual Effects by: Rich Varville
Makeup and Wardrobe by: Wendy McCleery
Sean Peck Makeup by: EBOTZ
Sarcophagus Design and Fabrication by: Sam Polin
Lead Carpenter: Mike King
Carpenter Apprentice: Rae King
Property Manager: Paule Joubran

Album: "Ancient Evil"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 2015
Label: Independent
Format: CD

Track listing:
01. There Were Others 00:45
02. Ancient Evil 05:16
03. Behind the Walls of Newgate 04:34
04. The Procedure 04:46
05. The Appetite 05:20
06. Cassandra 04:17
07. Blinded by Rage 05:46
08. Tell Me Everything 00:54
09. The Expedition 05:25
10. Beholder 05:35
11. I Have Awakened 01:43
12. Across the Sea of Madness 05:48
13. To Save Love 01:52
14. Christ Protect Me 00:58
15. Sinister Six 04:22
16. Symphony of Sin 06:03
17. The Antidote 05:00
18. Tomorrow Never Came 06:25
19. It Can’t Be 00:42

Band members:
Dave Garcia - Guitars
Sean Peck - Vocals
Sean Elg - Drums
Casey “The Sentinel" Trask - Guitars
Dwight Magic - Bass

Blaze Bayley - Narration

Miscellaneous staff:
Marc Sasso - Cover art
Sean Peck - Lyrics

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