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Wishbone Ash - Warrior

I'm leavin' to search for something new
Leavin' everything I ever knew
A hundred years in the sunshine
Hasn't taught me all there is to know

A valley, we will gather there
Helpless in our surrender
Tomorrow the plow becomes the sword
Make us stronger in our danger

Time will pass away
time will guard our secret

I'll return again
to fight another day

I'll have to be a warrior
A slave I couldn't be
A soldier and a conqueror
Fighting to be free

Το θρυλικό τραγούδι των Wishbone Ash, "Warrior", από το μυθικό album "Argus" (του 1972), "ζωντανά" εκτελεσμένο πίσω στο μακρινό 1973...

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