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Witchwood - A Place For The Sun

Band: Witchwood
Video: "A Place For The Sun"
Directed by: Andrea "J" Ceroni, Stefano Olivi
Recordings by: Andrea "J" Ceroni and Andrea De Serio
Model: Brenda Bubani
Produced by: Witchwood and Jolly Roger Records

Album: "Litanies from the Woods"
Type: Full length
Release date: Spring 2015
Label: Jolly Roger Records
Format: Cd, 2Lp, Digital

Band members:
Riccardo "Ricky" Dal Pane - Vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin & percussion
Andrea "Andy" Palli - Drums & percussion
Stefano "Steve" Olivi - Hammond, piano, synth & moog
Luca "Celo" Celotti - Bass
Samuele "Sam" Tesori - Flute & harmonica
Davide Mosca - Lead guitar

Witchwood - "Litanies from the Woods" available on Cd, Lp, Digital in late spring 2015 on Jolly Roger Records. A mix of hard rock, progressive, psych, southern, with an obscure and 70's vintage attitude!!!

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