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Next to None - A Light In The Dark (EPK)

Band: Next To None
Video: Album EPK
Album: "A Light in the Dark"
Type: Full length
Release date: June 2015
Label: Inside Out

Track listing:
01. The Edge Of Sanity
02. You Are Not Me
03. Runaway
04. A Lonely Walk
05. Control
06. Lost
07. Social Anxiety
08. Legacy
09. Blood On My Hands

Digital-only bonus tracks:
10. Fortune Cookie
11. Deafening

Band members:
Max Portnoy - drums
Ryland Holland - guitar
Kris Rank - bass
Thomas Cuce - keys & vocals

An introduction to Next to None and their new debut album recorded at Sixwill Studios. Recorded and filmed at Sixwill Studios in Bethlehem PA. Engineered by John Rupp and Geoff Black. Mixed by Jerry Guidroz and Jay Ruston.

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