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Exorcism - World In Sin (EP teaser)

Band: Exorcism
Country of origin: International
Location: Germany / Serbia / UK / US
Formed in: 2006
Genre: Heavy/Doom Metal

Video: EP Teaser
Album: "World In Sin"
Type: EP
Release date: 01. June, 2015 (EP)
Release date: June 15, 2015 (digital)
Format: Limited edition, cardsleeve, 666 pieces, non album tracks
Label: Dream Records

Track listing:
1. World in Sin 4:47
2. Black Day in Paradise 4:15
3. Virtual Freedom 3:23
4. Sahara 4:15
5. Black Star 6:44

The EP was produced, mixed and mastered by Zvekan with the help of Dominus at Total Master Sound in Spain. All lyrics melodies and music by Csaba Zvekan for Corvus Publishing.

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