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Sorrowful Winds - The Key (That Must Be Returned)

Band: Sorrowful Winds
Audio: "The Key (That Must Be Returned)"
Album: "Non Aligned"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 2014
Label: Independent
Format: CD

Recording information:

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by: Kostas Rigopoulos at "R" Studio Athens, Greece
Mastered by: Tony Lindgren at: Fascination Street Studios Örebro, Sweden
Music by: T. Hatziagapis
Lyrics by: Mike I.
All Arrangements by: Sorrowful Winds
Original Graphic Art by: Chaostouched and Myrto Bekiari
Cover by: Chaostouched
CD Booklet Artwork by: T. Iosifidis

Track listing:
01. Beggar Of Emotions 04:57
02. Wind Blown Song 04:13
03. The Key (That Must Be Returned) 04:17
04. Age Long 04:45
05. Wings Of Chains 05:44
06. Feline Madness 06:06
07. Behind The Mask 04:53
08. The Deceit 04:13
09. Scattered Thoughts (Of A Dying Mind) 04:46
10. Non - Aligned 05:31

Band members:
Thanasis Hatziagapis - Guitars
Mike I. - Vocals (tenor)
T. Ios - Bass
Kostas Rigopoulos - Keyboards

Stavros Gatsopoulos - Guitars
George Karachalios - Drums

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