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Viper - "A Cry From The Edge" (video)

Band: Viper
Video: "A Cry From The Edge" (Clip)
Intro Song: "Illusions" (instrumental)
Final sound: "Moonlight"
Album: "Theatre Of Fate" (Full length)
Release date: October 1989
Genre: Power Metal
Country: Brazil
Label: Eldorado

Andre Matos - Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizer
Sérgio Facci - Drums
Pit Passarell - Bass
Yves Passarell - Guitars
Felipe Machado - Guitars

Moonlight (lyrics)
(Originally written by Beethoven
Music by: Ludwig van Beethoven, Andre Coelho Matos; Lyrics by: Andre Coelho Matos)

Lifestorm broke my anchors, Like a wreck I've been
Sea and sky were just one darkness
Such a brilliant radiance you came
I'm alive, I'm alive, Just by the light

From your eyes and I need you to be, Like the heaven I seek
But clouds showed me And I saw
You were just the moonlight
And the moon belongs to, No one, no one...

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