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Voyager - Hyperventilating (video)

Band: Voyager
Video: "Hyperventilating"
Lyrics by: Estrin
Producer: Natalie Lewis
Director: Ben Berkhout
1st Assistant Director: Martin Lundmark
Director of Photography: David Le May
Editor / Colourist / BTS: Dominic Pearce

1st Assistant Camera: Eamon Dimmitt
2nd Assistant Camera: Meredith Lindsay
Lighting/Visual Effects: Dean Gratwick
Grip: Clint Lawrence
Grip / Lighting Assist: Lincoln Russell
Visual graphics Assistant: Robert O'Brien
Graphics created by: Steve Langton
Make Up: Katelyn Rykken-Rapp?
Unit Manager / Catering: Chloe Olman
Production Assistant: Cody Cameron-Brown

Album: "V"
Type: Full length
Release date: June 2nd, 2014
Label: Independent
Format: CD

Track listing:
01. Hyperventilating 04:41
02. Breaking Down 04:35
03. A Beautiful Mistake 05:02
04. Fortune Favours the Blind 01:02
05. You the Shallow 04:33
06. Embrace the Limitless 03:06
07. Orpheus 04:19
08. The Domination Game 04:30
09. Peacekeeper 04:47
10. It's a Wonder 05:11
11. The Morning Light 05:57
12. Summers Always Come Again 02:21
13. Seasons of Age 04:40

Band members:
Alex Canion - Bass
Mark Boeijen - Drums
Scott Kay - Guitars
Daniel "Nephil" Estrin - Vocals, Keyboards
Simone Dow - Guitars

Zemyna Kuliukas - Vocals (track 3)
Daniel Tompkins - Vocals (track 2)

Miscellaneous staff:
Matthew Templeman - Producer, Mixing, Recording (drums)
Fraser Cringle - Recording (drums)
Scott Kay - Recording (guitars, bass)
Daniel "Nephil" Estrin - Recording (vocals, keyboards)
Simon Struthers - Mastering

Hyperventilating (lyrics)

Breathe in slowly, Breathe into the air again, feel the pressure rise again
Breathe out slowly, It's the relaxation game feel it all again

Breathe out slowly, feel the depths around me grow me
And is it all over now? And is it just minutes now?
As you fill your lungs with soot and dust
The touch of snow and pine and wood and rust
So breathing is longing and somehow it's loathing me again

And I lose control
And I feel it grow inside
Inside our minds
So I lose control

My everything is fading, my everything is fading
I'm hyperventilating, I'm hyperventilating.

And I inhale And I exhale

2 σχόλια:

  1. Πολύ ωραίος δίσκος.Το Breaking Down τα σπάει!!!

    1. Μπάμπη δεν το έχω ακούσει ακόμη, αλλά αφού έχει και τον καλό σου λόγο θα το κάνω σύντομα!


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