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Erase - s/t EP (album stream)

Το ομώνυμο ep των Erase
Erase: Αθηναϊκή μπάντα, η οποία ιδρύθηκε το 2009 κι αρέσκεται στο κλασικό heavy metal. Το 2011 κυκλοφόρησε ένα demo δύο τραγουδιών ("Heavy Metal Maniacs") και φέτος το επίσημο ντεμπούτο, το ομώνυμο ep 5 τραγουδιών, το οποίο μπορείτε να ακούσετε ολόκληρο παρακάτω. Όσοι (όπως εγώ) το βρούνε ενδιαφέρον μπορούν να επικοινωνήσουν με την μπάντα: erasegreece@gmail.com

Band: Erase
Album: "Erase"
Type: EP
Release date: May 2014
Label: Independent
Format: CD
Limitation: 500 copies

Track listing:
1. Television Nation (You Are Not Free) 04:25
2. Beautiful Streets 06:57
3. Damnation Alley 04:22
4. The End Of The Time 05:03
5. We Are The Winners 06:58

Band members:
Panagiotis Zouvelos - Bass
Kostas Christodoulou - Drums
Tasos Giannoutsos - Guitars
George Stavropoulos - Vocals
Nektarios Markantonis - Guitars

Aliki Kostopoulou - Vocals On Damnation Alley & Backing Vocals "On The End The Time"
Herc Dimitroglou - All Keys, Synths & Pianos
Nick Papakostas - Intro Guitar Solo On "Beautiful Streets"

All Songs Arranged By Erase
Logo Arranged By Panagiotis "Savage" Zouvelos
Cover Artwork: Alice Raftaki / Front Cover Concept By Erase
Booklet & Graphics Layout By Sofia "Black Widow" Lykoudi
Photoshoot By Alice Kostopoulou

All Music By Erase Except:
* Bitch - Damnation Alley (David Carruth/©1982 Metal Blade)
* The End Of The Time (Erase/Sarantos Goumakos)

Lyrics On:
"Tv Nation" & "Beautiful Streets" By Panagiotis "Savage" Zouvelos
"We Are The Winners" By George "Inner Voice" Stavropoulos
"The End Of The Time" By Sarantos Goumakos, Whispered
"Phrase Taken" By Robert Burn’s “A Red, Red Rose” Poem
"Damnation Alley" By David Carruth

Recording information:
Recorded At Entasis Studios, Athens/Greece, October 2013/March 2014
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered By Nick Papakostas
Executive Producers: Erase & Nick Papakostas

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