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Dragonsclaw - Judgement Day (Album sampler)

A sample of the forthcoming Dragonsclaw album "Judgement Day" (2013) - Release Info coming soon.

"Judgement Day" Track list:
Dragonsclaw’s Line up
01. Watching My Every Move (ft. D.Reece)
Giles Lavery - Vocals
02. Judgement Day
Ben Thomas - Guitars
03. Bullet
Ray Martens - Keys
04. Fear
Aaron Bryn Thomas - Bass and Orchestration
05. Fly: Defenders Of The Skies Part II
Drums - Joseph Matten
06. Lucifer's Hammer (Warlord cover)

07. Battle Cry (ft. Jack Starr)
Band Photography by Jeremy Belinfante
08. Eternally
Judgement Day cover art by Maggot Meister

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