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Ο Steelianos, κιθαρίστας των Steelborn, διασκευάζει Μανώλη Χιώτη στην ηλεκτρική του κιθάρα. Όπως γράφει και ο ίδιος για την επιλογή του: «So here is my tribute to Manolis Chiotis,the most innovative, versatile,technical bouzouki player/composer,and an amazing personality as well. This one was one of my favorite tunes in my childhood,due to its uptempo,groovy feeling, and the diminished passages from a chord to the next. This was transcribed by ear only,the solo after the first chorus is mine. I hope you 'll like what I 've done with the piece. I just think it 's a timeless catchy tune and wanted to make it sound a bit more fresh. Guitars are all recorded in Cubase,in the comfort of my little home studio,with the use of Blackstar HT-Dual. Bass was written by me as a VST instrument and the drums were programmed and edited by my friend George Papadosifakis (Keado Mores drummer).» Ακούστε το "Λαός και Κολωνάκι" σε metal version...

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