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Warrior - "Fighting For The Earth" (video)

Το video clip των Warrior για το κλασικό τραγούδι "Fighting For The Earth"
Band: Warrior
Video: Fighting For The Earth (Clip)
Album: Fighting Fot The Earth (Full length)
Release date: 1985
Label: Ten Records
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: USA

Band members:
Joe Floyd - Guitars
Perry McCarty - Vocals
Tommy Asakawa - Guitars
Bruce Turgon - Bass, Keyboards
Jimmy Volpe - Drums

Fighting for the Earth (lyrics)

Face to face, eye to eye
Wielding the axe, the mighty must die
Highest mountain, deepest sea
Eternally searching to destroy the beast

Cry of the jackal, is heard in the land
Immortal enemy, has come to challenge man
Secret science out of control
Conjured the serpent, up from below

We are fighting for the earth
We are fighting for the earth

Searching, searching, searching...

Blood and corruption, hideous crimes
Lying leaders, controlling our minds
Cloak and dagger, conspiracy of hate
Oh hear the cry before it's too late

We are fighting for the earth

4 σχόλια:

  1. Θυμάμαι μία συνέντευξη των Manowar που έκραζαν την εταιρία τους γιατί έδωσε πολλαπλάσιο μπάτζετ στους Warrior απ' ότι σε εκείνους. Μου διαφεύγουν τα ποσά που είχε αναφέρει ο DeMaio.

    1. Την θυμάμαι κι εγώ την συνέντευξη. Κάτι για 100.000 δολάρια είχε πει και στους Manowar μόλις 5.000.