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Boudain - Way of the Hoof (teaser)

Band: Boudain
Audio: Album teaser
Album: "Way of the Hoof"
Type: Full length
Release date: April 20, 2016

Track Listing:
1. Sleazy Feats
2. Neptune
4. 3 Man
5. First Class
6. The Mighty Turn Around
7. Disco Jimmy
8. Godzilla

Brian Lenard (guitars): «Ya can't fit any more meat in the record. For real, we tried and there ain't no room.»

Chris Porter (bass/vocals): «This album far exceeds our expectations and we're ready to get it out there.»

David Karakash (guitars): «Fat. So much fat. Fat everywhere. So much fat I can't move. Always Chunky. Always Funky.»

Stephen Jester (drums): «I'm ready to get out there and play this stuff live. Work sucks. Seriously. I'm dying inside guys.»

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