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C.O.P. UK - No Place For Heaven

Band: C.O.P. UK (Crimes of Passion UK)
Lyric video: "No Place For Heaven"
Album: "No place for heaven"
Type: Full length
Release date: 22 January 2016
Label: Blown Away Music

01. The Core
02. My Blood
03. Kiss Of An Angel
04. Take It To The Grave
05. No Place For Heaven
06. Burn Hell
07. Halo
08. Catch Me If You Can
09. No Mans Land
10. One In A Million
11. Stranger Than Fiction

Band memebers:
Dale Radcliffe - vocals
Charles Staton - guitar
Andrew Mewse - guitar
Henning Wanner - keys
Scott Jordan - bass
Kev Tonge - drums

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